Cake Decorating Competition Winning Tips

Thursday, 31 July 2014

It's so frustrating to spending time and money on a cake competition project only to have it disqualified so here are some tips that might just get you the gold prize.

  1. READ THE SCHEDULE thoroughly, not just the class but the whole thing.
  2. Dummies are usually used for competition cakes (unless the schedule states otherwise) but remember whatever you do with a dummy cake must be repeatable with a real cake.
  3. It is bad practice to push wires directly into cakes and to use un-edible supports/beads/diamantes. Use food grade picks to insert wires into your cake.
  4. If there is anything you are unclear about on the schedule then contact the competition organiser.
  5. If the schedules states to fit within 12" then this includes everything including the board ribbons
  6. Be original, don't copy straight out of a book or magazine
  7. Do not enter the same piece in a series of different competitions
  8. Gold, metallic and glitter are popular but do not use to excess and check that they are food grade or can be easily removed.
  9. Take time to get a good coating on cakes.
  10. Include sufficient techniques to show skill without using too many techniques to detract from the overall design.
  11. Add ribbon around the edge of the board
  12. With floral arrangements do not leave wire stems straight, a bend makes them look more natural.
  13. Make sure your cake is entered in the most suitable class.
  14. If the rules say do not use a particular item, DON'T USE IT.
  15. If the class does not state a height restriction, then it can be as high as you like.
  16. If the schedule states a cube then height, width and depth of the exhibit must fit completely within the cube measurements.
  17. Fruit cake classes often have a weight range, so weigh the cake before the competition.
  18. A flower spray must have all stems wired together to show wiring up skills.
  19. An arrangement can have wires going into sugarpaste, oasis or similar substance.
  20. A plaque is a thin, removable sugar item, not a coated board.
  21. Once you have completed your piece re-read the schedule.

Happy Baking