Decorating and Finishing Cupcakes

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

1. If making your own cake decorations make more than you need to cover for breakages and in case you have underestimated the amount you need.

2. Many decorations are best made the day before they are needed to allow them to be applied hard.

3. If using wire on your decorations attach whilst the icing is soft.

4. When using wire with decorations ensure that the decoration is not too heavy for the wire and that the wire is long enough to go into the cake.

5. When adding decorations to your cupcakes use a pair of tweezers for accuracy and to enable you to place them between other decorations.

6. When using edible glitter on your cakes and cupcakes, tip a small quantity into the lid, load up a craft paint brush and lightly tap over the cake to prevent a large quantity ending up in own place.

7. Use cupcake wrappers to make an ordinary cupcake something special.