Making Faces - The Tools

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

If you are just starting out it is worth buying some children's modelling clay to practise with. You can re-use over and over gain trying different expressions until you are happy, then you can recreate in sugar paste.

What Paste To Use - You can use any type of paste to create expessions on your characters. But we would recommend you use the same medium for the face as you do for the body. The only exception being hair where you can use piped icing.

Tools - A bone tools is handy for creating ey sockets but the sounded end of a paint brush works equally as well. the basics you will require are a small sharp (craft) knife, paintbrushm piping nozzle and drinking straw.

Moulds - Face moulds are available in various shapes and sizes, they are usually made out of silicon and can be used with any type of modelling paste, chocolate or jelly. They can also be used as ice moulds. When using moulds they need to be clean and dry and to stop the sugarpaste sticking dust with a small amount of cornflour or icing sugar.