Wilton 3D Car Cake Tin

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Brand:  Wilton



Car Cake Tins

Moulded cake tin the shape of a car by Wilton makes baking shaped cakes easy. Make your cake mix, oil and flour the cake tin, pour in mix and bake. If the cake has risen above the top of the tin (base of the car) just cut along the top with a knife prior to releasing from the tin. When the cake has cooled decorate with fondant icing or buttercream.

The car cake tin is versatile as it can be used for young and old, male or female. Why not try baking a wedding car cake, Barbie car, Ligtning McQueen, Herby, Mclaren, Ferrari the list goes on and on.

The car cake tin measures 279mm x 171mm x 102mm deep.

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