Patchwork Cutters

Patchwork Cutters have been inspiring cake decorators for over 20 years. The company was founded in 1994 by Marion Frost with the aim to help cake decorators at both beginner and advanced levels to create quick, clean designs. Many of their cutters and embossers can be used alongside each other to give endless design and decorating possibilities.


General instructions:-

Always use a firm handling paste – we recommend a good modelling or flower paste, or you may use the recipe for Mexican modelling paste given in the instructions provided. If none of these pastes is available then a good standby is to mix 1 heaped teaspoon gum tracaganth into 175g sugarpaste and knead well. Leave for 24 hrs to strengthen, knead well again and use. NOTE: This paste will not dry hard and will require careful handling.

Grease the board with white fat or petal base. Roll out paste very thinly and do not lift whilst rolling. (This creates a firm contact with the board and stops the paste from sticking to the cutter on lifting.  Grease the cutter well and press down firmly on the paste and cut out. Carefully remove the cutter from the paste. (Using a pin to 'flick' from one corner is usually the easiest method of removal!). Remove the surplus paste and allow the shape to dry.

The cutters may be used in many different ways:-

As an embosser for the outline only, straight onto the cake or onto a plaque. (Some of the more intricate cutters are embossers only!). This may then be coloured by dusting or painting in food colours, or just used as a base guide for an appliquéd effect, where you may add more pieces onto the outline, using water or clear spirit to stick them.

3D / Decoupage – Simply cut out the shape, allow to dry, then cut out extra pieces that would appear in the foreground, in the appropriate colours and leave to dry. To give a raised 3D effect, fix these with a tiny ball of icing under each piece. Use water or clear spirit for sticking.

Many cutters are suitable for cutting out, drying and then standing up on a cake, perhaps as a centrepiece.

The Quilting, Trellis, Smocking and Basketweave embossers may be used on the side of a cake, provided the cake gives a firm base to work on.