Rainbow Dust YELLOW Double Ended Edible Food Art Pen

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Rainbow Dust YELLOW Food Art Pen

A double-sided food art pen; thick and thin, allowing you to work on whatever scale you require, from bold colour work right down to the intricate details of character model work!

With the development of a specially formulated "Food Ink" we are able to produce a pen that allows the ink to flow through a standard chunky nib, right down to a 0.2mm nib. This nib is so fine that you can even use it for facial features on your sugar models. Much easier than using a brush for fine detail work!

Ingredients: Water, Humectant: Glycerine, Ethanol, Colour: E122, E102, E133.

Warning: E122 & E102 may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.

Please note that a minimum amount of maintenance is good practice in order to keep your pen in premium condition.
Most people will be using this nib to add details to sugar models. When it is used, tiny particles of sugar dust from the model are absorbed into the nib. Over time, these can clog the nib and would seem that the pen has run out of ink. All that is required is to dip the nib into warm water to melt and release the sugar particles, wipe dry and begin to use again. Your pen will be restored to its original working order.

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