Renshaw Regalice

Have you ever fancied icing a cake but were afraid to in case in went wrong then look no further as Renshaw Regalice is the perfect solution for both beginners and professionals.

Renshaw regalice can be used to cover an entire cake or modelled to make decorations such as flowers or figures.

Renshaw professional high quality sugar fondant sets firmly, cuts cleanly and is available in a wide range of colours to suit every cake decorating requirement. All colours comply with EU colour legislation and are manufactured using only non-hydrogenated fats. Renshaw regalice is suitable for vegetarians, is gluten free and Kosher certified. 

Ready Reckoner Quantity Guide For Covering Rich Fruit Cake

Square Cake                                                                                                        Round Cake

Size                        Depth                                   Regalice                                    Size                  Depth                                    Regalice
                                                                  weight at 8mm depth                                                                                       weight at 8mm depth

15cm                     6.5cm                                    600g                                       15cm                  6.5cm                                       500g

20.5cm                  6.5cm                                    800g                                       20.5cm               6.5cm                                       600g

23cm                     6.5cm                                    1000g                                     23cm                  6.5cm                                       650g

25.5cm                  7.5cm                                    1200g                                    25.5cm                7.5cm                                      1000g

30cm                     7.5cm                                    1550g                                    30cm                  7.5cm                                       1300g