Holly Sugar Sheets

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Holly Sugar Sheets

Christmas sugar sheets printed with holly. These sugar paste sheets are printed with edible food colours and are ideal for making your own cake and cupcake decorations. These versatile sugar sheets are a quick any easy way to add colourful details to cakes and desserts, even if you have never decorated before. Using sugar sheets it is easy for anyone to create crowd-pleasing decorated cakes. Sugar sheets brings the fun and versatility of paper crafting to your cakes.

For best results, we recommend using a metal or a good quality plastic cutter, it is nessecary to apply quite a bit of pressure to the cutter so a handy tip is to use a small chopping board on top of the cutter to get an even cut through the sugar sheet and to protect your hand.

Please remember to re-wrap any un-used sheets if you want to use them later.

Size: 30cm square

Quantity: 1

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